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Purple jewelry boxes mother of pearl great gifts

purple jewelry box

Looking for that unique gift idea? Mother of pearl jewelry boxes are hand made and much rarer than a standard factory made box.  A great gift is one that shows thought to give something a little different. What is mother of pearl? Mother of pearl is the lining from sea shells.  It is from a […]

How mother of pearl business card cases are made

mother of pearl lacquering

Mother of pearl card cases production process: Step1: the sheet Oyster, mollusk and abalone shells are formed into flat mother of pearl sheets.   Step2: – Printing A high quality image is printed onto the mother of sheet. Step3: Cutting The sheet is cut into individual pieces of the printed design. Step4: Lacquer and dry A […]

Mother of pearl business card cases ID holders

ID holders

Unique mother of pearl business card cases. How are the business card cases made? A sheet of mother of pearl is printed with a high quality image. A high quality lacquer is then applied by hand to the sheet of images. The sheet is then put into the oven to dry the lacquer. The sheet […]