How mother of pearl business card cases are made

mother of pearl lacquering

Mother of pearl card cases production process:

Step1: the sheet

Oyster, mollusk and abalone shells are formed into flat mother of pearl sheets.


mother of pearl sheet

mother of pearl sheet

Step2: – Printing

A high quality image is printed onto the mother of sheet.

business card case printing

Step3: Cutting

The sheet is cut into individual pieces of the printed design.

mother of pearl card case cutting

Step4: Lacquer and dry

A high quality lacquer coating is applied by hand to each design.

mother of pearl lacquering

Step5: Drying and sealing

The designs are allowed to dry and then sealed onto a metal business card case.

Step6: the finished product

The final product is a mother of pearl business card case with a glossy finish.
Mother of pearl business card case finished product

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