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Purple jewelry boxes mother of pearl great gifts

purple jewelry box

Looking for that unique gift idea? Mother of pearl jewelry boxes are hand made and much rarer than a standard factory made box.  A great gift is one that shows thought to give something a little different. What is mother of pearl? Mother of pearl is the lining from sea shells.  It is from a […]

Mother’s day gift! Mother of pearl mirrors and card cases

Gift ideas for Mom! Looking for the perfect mother’s day gift for mom?  Unique mother of pearl compact mirrors and business card cases! Mother of pearl compact mirrors Durable metal case with protective lacquer finish. Dual mirror design with 2.5 magnification 7 cm (2.8″) diameter, easily fits in your hand or pocket. traditional and modern […]

Mother’s day gift Mother of pearl Jewelry Boxes for Mom

Perfect mother’s day gift! A mother of pearl jewelry box is the perfect gift for mom on her special day.  Hand crafted by Korean artisans using traditional sea shell art techniques! Mother of pearl inlaying is the handcrafting of sea shells. Oysters, mollusks, and abalone shells are lined naturally with crystals of calcium carbonate. These crystals produce iridescent […]

How mother of pearl business card cases are made

mother of pearl lacquering

Mother of pearl card cases production process: Step1: the sheet Oyster, mollusk and abalone shells are formed into flat mother of pearl sheets.   Step2: – Printing A high quality image is printed onto the mother of sheet. Step3: Cutting The sheet is cut into individual pieces of the printed design. Step4: Lacquer and dry A […]

Mother of pearl business card cases ID holders

ID holders

Unique mother of pearl business card cases. How are the business card cases made? A sheet of mother of pearl is printed with a high quality image. A high quality lacquer is then applied by hand to the sheet of images. The sheet is then put into the oven to dry the lacquer. The sheet […]