Purple jewelry boxes mother of pearl great gifts

purple jewelry box

Looking for that unique gift idea?

Mother of pearl jewelry boxes are hand made and much rarer than a standard factory made box.  A great gift is one that shows thought to give something a little different.

What is mother of pearl?

Mother of pearl is the lining from sea shells.  It is from a variety of shells including mollusks and abalone.  Mother of pearl or nacre as it is commonly referred has iridescent properties reflecting light.

Korean mother of pearl jewelry boxes!

Korean artisans have been using mother of pearl for crafts for centuries!  Jewelry boxes with inlaid sea shell mother of pearl is a traditional gift adored by many.

How are these boxes made?

Sanded wood boxes have a design carved into them.  Mother of pearl sea shells are inlaid into the pattern.  The box is sanded again and several coats of paint and protective lacquer are applied by hand.  The result is a glossy finished item with mother of pearl reflecting into the light.
Types of mother of pearl jewelry boxes!
Cubed type, twin cubes with 4 drawers.  Designed to hold a few special items in each drawer. This box is made with a layer of mulberry paper as well.
Small trinket boxes. Designed to hold only one special item.  About the size of a deck of cards.
Larger two level boxes. Designed with a mirror and 2 levels for more storage.  This model is also made with a layer of mulberry paper. Available in purple.
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