Affordable Luxury Compact Makeup Mirror To Impress

compact mirror

If you can’t beat them, impress them!

People judge based on everything these days, what you say, what you do, what you have, what you wear, your accessories…..even your compact mirror!

If you can’t beat them…..impress them!

Accessories show an attention to detail and awareness of style.

Korean mother of pearl sea shell compact mirrors!

Made by printing an image directly onto a mother of pearl sea shell sheet. Utilizing traditional Korean mother of pearl crafting to create modern accessories these mirrors are partially made by hand. An epoxy resin coating that gives a glossy, reflective, luxurious finish. For a more detail on how these mother of pearl items are made click here!

While doing a makeup touch up portray a style and attention to detail!

An affordable luxury item for under $25.

Double sided folding mirrors that come in an Asian style box ready for gifting.

Tropical style

Turquoise marble

Pink marble

Cloud Gradation

Digital fractal

Brown abstract


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