Classic Beauty Mother of Pearl Mirrors Monroe & Hepburn

mother of pearl makeup mirror

Mother of Pearl Compact Mirrors!

  • Classic beauty Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn designs
  • Slim, durable, unique, and fashionable compact mirrors
  • Durable metal case with protective glossy finish
  • Dual mirror design with 2.5 magnification on one side
  • 7 cm (2.8 inches) diameter, easily fits in your hand or pocket
  • shipped in a stylish box easy for gifting!

How are they made?

Mother of Pearl?
Crafted using traditional Korean mother of pearl inlay and lacquer-ware techniques! Oysters, mollusks, and abalone shells are lined naturally with crystals of calcium carbonate. These crystals produce iridescent colors when light is shined on them. Shells are pressed into a sheet, a design is printed onto the sheet and then glazed with lacquer several times. (More on how they are made here) The combination of mother of pearl and lacquer produces a glossy finish that shines and reflects in the light! Traditional Korean mother of pearl and lacquer ware items have been popular in Asia since the Goryeo dynasty 932-1392 AD.