Mother’s day gift Mother of pearl Jewelry Boxes for Mom

Perfect mother’s day gift!

A mother of pearl jewelry box is the perfect gift for mom on her special day.  Hand crafted by Korean artisans using traditional sea shell art techniques! Mother of pearl inlaying is the handcrafting of sea shells. Oysters, mollusks, and abalone shells are lined naturally with crystals of calcium carbonate. These crystals produce iridescent colors when reflecting light. Korean mother of pearl goods have been popular in Asia since the Goryeo dynasty 932-1392 AD. A sanded wood box is lacquered.  Mother of pearl sea shell material is designed then inlaid into the box.  The box is then painted and a protective coatings of lacquer is repeatedly applied and polished. For a more detailed view of the process of making a mother of pearl box watch the video below!

Large Two Level Jewelry Boxes

Two level boxes with a mirror inside the lid. To keep, organize, and protect jewelry, rings, and watches.

Medium sized trinket boxes

One level trinket boxes to store a few special items!

Small sized trinket boxes

Storage for that one special piece of jewelry!

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